Sozo is a low impact inner healing and deliverance ministry where the person receiving ministry has real time encounters with the Godhead!
The sozo ministry team has one agenda and that is to create an atmosphere where the person receiving ministry hears truth from the Godhead that replaces any and all lies they have believed, and where light from the Light of the world dispels all darkness existing inside the person.
Some type of transformation is the typical result of each session where the person is able and willing to work on whatever issues arise in the session!
Tools are provided that helps to steward the breakthroughs received in the session. If the person needs additional help we encourage them to wait several weeks, unless they feel they are in an emergent situation.
If you would like to receive sozo ministry please fill out the form below and submit it to us. Someone will respond within 48 hours unless it is during a holiday. If you submit during a holiday someone will respond to you as soon as possible.
It is our policy not to Sozo a child living in their parent’s or legal guardian’s home until we have Sozo’d the parents or legal guardians. This policy is to ensure the freedoms gained by the child are stewarded by those in authority over the child. It would not be beneficial to the child or the family if a child who gained freedom was sent back into an unhealthy home environment, especially if that environment helped to create the child’s unhealthy lifestyle.
We sozo people from all over that are not affiliated with our church family. While we do not require those from other churches to get approval from their spiritual leaders we do encourage it. As a house of honor we believe those above the sozo applicant should be aware of the ministry the applicant will receive, if for no other reason to pray into their session and availability to steward the truths and freedom they bring with the applicant.
We have had people say, “I do not trust my leadership to know I am coming for help,” or, “I could never talk to my leadership about this.” Our response to that is, “If you do not trust your leadership with you wholeness plan then why are you submitting your spiritual life to them by sitting under their ministry on Sunday?”
Again, this is not a requirement but an honorable, holy and healthy suggestion. We want to see people get freedom and wholeness. To us, this scenario is no different from sozoing a child and sending them back into an unhealthy environment.
If you trust us with your wholeness plan then would you pray about trusting us with the rest of your spiritual life’s plan? Something serious to prayerfully consider!
Thank you,
Sozo and Church leadership teams

children’s ministry

Sunday’s at 11am

We encourage all of our children to worship God with us during the worship time [10am – 11am] of our service. We encourage them to express their worship freely and creatively, even using our flags that we have up front. We pastor them and when they demonstrate they need to go to a classroom we have trained people to go with them until they are ready to return to worship.
We have two primary age groupings for our children. They are:
  • Newborn to 4 – Toddler training
  • 5 -12 – Children’s church
There are 7 levels of spiritual maturity in God’s kingdom. Four of those are found in the 1st level which is childhood. Our children’s ministry is modeled after every other aspect of ministry at Bethel which is to train, equip and activate in the Biblical lifestyle of purity and power.
Our children learn age appropriate kingdom truths that encourage and empower them to live the life Jesus modeled for all us. In fact, Jesus said not to hinder the children so they could come to Him and experience Him themselves. Purity and power are possible for children and our kids thrive knowing they do not have a junior Holy Spirit.
“Little children [teknon], I am writing these things to you so that you may not sin. And if anyone sins, we have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous.” [1 John 2:1]
  • “May not” not “cannot”. We can sin if we choose to but God does not grant us permission to sin!
  • “If” not “when”! This confirms the above truth. Sin should not be the norm for a believer, even a very young one. Our norm is not to sin. Sinning is the rare exception!
Our children move in the miraculous ministry of Jesus in the prophetic and signs, wonders and miracles.
The 4 levels of childhood maturity are:
  • Brephos – Unborn and newborn child. This level of childhood is where the person is 100% dependent on someone else to care for them.
  • Nepios – The child is beginning to grow but still very selfish. This level of maturity reveals itself in carnal living where the person believes they are not to blame for their immaturity  and or irresponsibility. “That woman you gave me” is a typical response for the nepios believer.
  • Paidion – This level of maturity is where the child begins to understand the Father’s heart and purpose for them. They still manifest some selfish tendencies but they are growing out of them.
  • Teknon – This level of maturity is where the child has learned living irresponsibly in immaturity is unacceptable to the Father. This child is now living to honor the Father and would die to defend the honor of the Father.

youth ministry

Sunday’s 10am until

There are 7 levels of maturity found in 4 main levels in God’s kingdom. They are:
  • childhood [brephos, nepios, paidion, and teknon]
  • sonship [young men, women]
  • manhood
  • fatherhood
Our youth are treated like young men and young women which means we do not believe they need to be entertained, or that they are supposed to find their way in life by living like their peers who do not really know God, and who do not honor God by the way they live life.
Youth groups have a tendency to develop group think where leaders rarely emerge because they are herded into a one size fits all meetings. Additionally, Jesus developed leaders in small groups beginning with 12 and eventually surrounding himself with 70, or 72 others. His training model was teaching disciples to be doers of the word so they would be demonstrators of the word.
Our Mission for every aspect of our ministry is to train, equip and activate maturing saints in the Biblical lifestyle of purity and power. This is especially true for our youth.
John the apostle reveals a very important truth about this level of maturity. He writes, “13 I am writing to you, young men, because you have overcome the evil one. 14 I have written to you, young men, because you are strong, and the Word of God abides in you, and you have overcome the evil one.” [1 John 2]
This is a significant truth that so many people miss. When Jesus was initiating the training of His 12 original disciples He taught them to pray: “Lead us not into temptation, and deliver us from the evil one.” Although they were adult age men they were in one of the first two levels of maturity spiritually. They started their discipleship training where everyone else does, at the “bankrupt in spirit” stage. Jesus trained them like they were children who needed protecting.
Yet, John, who was one of the 12 who were taught to pray that way, wrote of a very different stance toward dealing with the evil one. Instead of teaching his readers to ask God to keep the devil away, John writes that young men [sons and daughters] have reached a level of mature strength where they have overcome him. The reason: “God’s Word abides in you.”
There is no Biblical basis for entertaining youth so we do not involve ourselves in doing it. We train them in God’s Word so they will be strong enough to live free from the evil one’s influence in the world, so they will represent [re-present] the Lord in this world.
mercy house ministries
Three ways to receive healing mercy from Jesus
  • Come to our campus at 2226 Glynn Avenue
  • We come to you
    • If you live within a one hour drive of Brunswick we will drive to you with a two person team
      • You must notify us by noon on the Friday before the 1st Saturday of each month
      • Due to limited team members you will need to be the first to ask for a team to come
      • You must provide your address and best contact phone #
      • You must provide a safe environment for our team to enter
      • We will commit to minister the Word of God, testimonies of God’s healing people, and healing prayer in faith for one to one and a half hours so we can be home by 12:00
  • If you live beyond the one hour limit
    • We will FaceTime with you teaching the Word of God concerning healing, testimonies of God healing people, and faith filled prayer for you healing
Mercy House Ministries is the newest addition to our ministry outreach to our community, region and beyond. The first Saturday of each month we dedicate several hours to minister to those needing healing in their spirit, soul or body.
Our core text for this ministry is 1 Timothy 2:4 – “[God] Who desires all men [every human being] to be saved [forgiven, heald and delivered] , and to come to the knowledge of the truth.”
This one verse tells us everything we need to know about Father God.
  • The Father has desires
  • He desires all men to be saved [made whole]
  • He desires no man [person] to not be saved [made whole]
  • He desires every person to come to the knowledge of the [this] truth
Knowing these truths enables us to pray believing those we minister to will be healed. There is not one verse in the Gospels where Jesus turned anyone away by telling them He could not nor would not heal them, or that He wanted to but the Father would not let Him.
“By His wounds you have been healed” is still true!
Our schedule each first Saturday is:
0830 – 0850 ~ Sign in
0900 – 0930 ~ Soaking worship
0930 – 1000 ~ Testimonies of healing
1000 – 1030 ~ Teaching on healing
1030 – 1130 ~ Soaking prayer
1130 – 1200 ~ Soaking worship
If you need healing, or if you know someone else who does, we encourage you to come be healed by the Healer who wants you whole.
healing testimonies
Testimonies reveal the heart and will of God. In fact, the Hebrew root word for testimony means: Do it again! When we share a testimony of God’s intervention in our life or someone else’s life we are inviting the person or people hearing it to come to know God in that way.
Renee – “Severe OA in my knees for 5 years. Right knee was needing to be replaced. During the 1st soaking session I lay on my face on the floor. I got up off the floor very easily and now by the end of the session I have NO pain.”
Tim – “Lots of pain in my whole body but especially my head, back, knees and feet for 30 years. I felt a warm feeling come over me and peace in my whole body.I am being healed in my body and mind.”
Lisa – Had a migraine with a pain level of 5 out of 10. She reached out to Kevin by FaceBook Messenger for prayer. Kevin asked her to place her hands on her head and he typed a prayer of faith. Kevin asked Lisa if there was a change and she said, “Yes. there is no pain.” Jesus immediately healed her and the pain went from 5 to 0. Glory!
Jim – came to pre-service prayer limping as he had pain in his left knee. After prayer Jim said it was 80% better and the next Sunday it was 100% better.
John – John injured both feet and ankles when he fell about 15 feet on a ladder. His left ankle has continued to give him fits, swelling and developing cysts. He got prayer and within 24 hours he was 80% better. He was really stoked over how quick God healed his foot.


To eradicate homelessness and hopelessness from our community, and connect the disconnected with the God who loves them and the church who wants to serve them.



We have helped 6 people that we met on the streets of our city who are desperately attempting to change their lives find housing! After enduring lifetimes of abuse and neglect that led to some really poor decisions, they have begun to make really brave decisions to change their lives and we support them in this endeavor [financially, emotionally and spiritually.
The church is empowered throughout Scripture to care for the poor and the needy, and we at Bethel Church are doing doing this in our community in an even larger capacity! As a regional training center, Bethel has a long history of assisting people in transitioning from where they have been to where God is calling them. We are already seeing people’s lives being dramatically transformed.
Join us as we minister to those who are coming to us for help in leaving the lies of the past behind them and pursuing the life God has created them to live.
Key Verse: “He raises the poor from the dust, He lifts the needy from the ash heap to make them sit with nobles, and inherit a seat of honor.” [1 Samuel 2:8]
Restored to Royalty has expanded its reach beyond the homeless to every local mission endeavor we engage in. There is such a great need in our region even for the churched to discover the true identity that is in Christ that we are moving boldly toward impacting this group of people as well.
If you are interested in partnering with us financially you can go to our giving page and check RTR to support our local mission outreach.


maranatha faith ministires

We are in a partnership with Moses Choudary and Maranatha Faith Ministries [MFM] in Vijayawada, Hyderabad, and Visakhapatnam, India.
  • Beginning August 2018 we will receive a special offering for Moses’ outstanding ministry
    • 3rd Sunday of August and November in 2018. In 2019 we will receive a special offering the 3rd Sunday of February, May, August and November
    • Of course, we encourage you to partner with us at any time and sow into Moses’ ministry. There is a link on from our Home Page to support all of our ministry endeavors.
Moses as his regional directors, Prasad, Nireekshan, and Silas do an outstanding job pastoring their respective churches. They also oversee orphanages, homes for the aged, Bible Schools as well as lead a network of indigenous pastors they have trained and released into their own harvest fields.
Maranatha Faith Ministries is rich soil for those wishing to sow financially into a genuine kingdom work.
We also take mission trips to assist them in the great work they are doing for our King. Donna and I were there in January 2018 and saw hundreds of people healed of various diseases, disabilities and dysfunctions. If you want to work on a mission field MFM will put you to work.
If you would like to sow directly into MFM’s work in India you can mail your contributions to:
Maranatha Faith Ministries, Inc.
P.O. Box 936
Kingsland, GA 31548
Or, you can go to our giving page a click on India to contribute!